Love is in the air

Ya es definitivo, desde el aeropueto digo “hasta pronto”, evitando despedidas efusivas de familiares y amigos a toda costa. Adiós, hablamos, escríbeme, si me derrumbo te llamo. Así que con tanto amor en el ambiente, las cosas solo pueden ir bien. Cerramos otro año, porque vamos de año en año, y de vuelta al Reino Unido. Ahora, para quedarme, si todo va bien. A ver … Continue reading Love is in the air

Bye bye dear 2014

I found myself thinking of how people are the way they are because of the people they have around this morning. So, every time I meet great people I wonder who or what is behind them. It’s just the way it is, humans are social beings and get influenced.

I grew up thinking that one never has to forget those influences, since they have given you what you are. Never stop thanking for them and changing them if they are not the best.

Funny enough, later I read something similar on a blog I follow. Maybe we are all doing the balance of 2014 on the last day of the year. What was good, what was really good, what was sad, tiring, shit… But above all, who was I with?

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