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The IKEA dining club

Last Saturday 10th of September I happened to find myself wandering around London with a friend that was visiting.

After a morning of markets and fighting the rain, my friend and I decided to head to Shoreditch for a quick peek into the Saturday aternoon Spitafield Market vibes and the area around.

Finally, when our souls were warmed up by a hot drink and about to call it a day and get on a bus to wrap up the perfect day out while viewing the city centre, we bumped into this:

“Wooow!”– I said to my friend – “It’s the IKEA DIY restaurant! The Dining Club or something like that…”

How did I know? I don’t know about you, dear reader, but IKEA had sneaked into my Instagam account with its videos recently, so, yes, I knew what it was about. Have you seen this video lately?

There was few people inside and it did look like it was just kicking off. And doing my research back home, I confirm it actually did.

So what is IKEA Dining Club, really?

It is a pop up DIY restaurant opened in Shoreditch High Street from Saturday 10th to Sunday 25th September where you and your friends enjoy a meal cooked by yourselves with the supervision of one of IKEA chefs.

There’s also an IKEA cafe and shop with their typical Swedish delicacies and up to 38 different workshops running every day, different times.

Having a look at them on their website, there were many that got my attention. One being Love Food, Hate Waste (big fan of the topic) but they are all mainly sold out. You might be lucky still with the ones taking palce in early afternoon of week days, if you want to try. For more info, click on the link to find out  more about the IKEA dinning club.

I’m too late this time, but next time, if there’s one…  IKEA +food + DIY?? I’m not missing out!! 🙂



Ya estoy de vuelta del que va a ser el último viaje del verano. Staycation mode on y con mucho gusto, pues estoy ya hartita de aeropuertos y aviones (con todo lo afortunada que sé que soy, tener a la familia dispersa tiene sus inconvenientes).

Pues bien, el último destino ha sido Bilbao. La excusa, el festival de música Bilbao BBK y la intención, conocer un poco más el norte de España.

Back from my last trip of the summer, staycation mode on and really happy about it. This time was Bilbao, on the north of Spain, in the Basque Country or Euskadi, I should say. Romans never got there, so their language, culture and organisations have remained unique, even for the rest of Spaniards. It is also where the Bilbao BBK music festival takes place and the food is mind-blowing.


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