Catalan independence

On September 11th catalans celebrated their day, as I mentioned here. Last Sunday Catalonia held elections for the Catalan Parliament, quite a big and important event in order to decide next steps towards independence and… we did. All Catalans who voted decided on what they wanted for Catalonia. Should we be independent? Should we not? Junts pel sí (Together for YES) pro-independence party won with 62% of … Continue reading Catalan independence

September 11th, Catalunya and news

As I once explained here (historic facts) yesterday was, in fact, every 11th of September, the day of Catalonia.  Bank holiday and in the past few years, bigger pro independence demonstrations are taking place. For a little bit more of reading, here some bits of British press explaining it: Catalans fill streets in Barcelona for pro-independence rally. – The Guardian. Why Catalonia’s bid for independence is … Continue reading September 11th, Catalunya and news