Welcome, International Doctors

I happened to come across with this article on BBC news, the other day: Foreign doctors should face tougher exams, study says.

Doing some research , I also found this article on The Telegraph: Half of foreign doctors are below British standards and this one on The Guardian: Foreign doctors should face tougher skills test before practising in UK.

The three of them come to sum up the findings on a piece of research carried out by University College London that has found a “performance gap” between international and UK medical graduate.

After my brief experience in the NHS, first as a Clinical Attachment and later as a Junior Clinical Fellow, I can say I agree.

It’s not totally my case, where there’s a clear lack of training, but others I’ve seen. Foreign doctors’ main issues are fitting in the NHS.

Citing words of the GMC chief executive Niall Dickson on the BBC article who said that some foreign doctors themselves would admit to finding it difficult to adjust to working in the UK:

“Doctors are a bit like flowers. We don’t just take them up from one garden and plonk them down in another and expect them to thrive,” he said. “They need to be supported and helped, and I don’t think as a country, and I don’t think that the NHS or indeed we have done enough to support them when they are coming into this country.”

Funny enough, stats show that 11% of staff and 26% of doctors are non-British, published by The Guardian.

NHS_staff_graphicGraphic: Finbarr Sheehy for the Guardian






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