Homenage to Catalonia

I don’t exactly remember when I bought this book for my mum. It was in one of those #sweetannoying short trips London-Barcelona that I have seemed to MASTER.

Recently, in the context of the Catalan Referendum, I read an article on a Catalan newspaper where the book written by George Orwell was mentioned. It rang a bell. That’s how I remembered I bought it more than a year ago… and not read it.


I wasn’t really sure what it was about. It was a surprise to find out that it is an actual diary of the author’s experience in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). He joined the militia and fought on the front line along Spaniards and people with other nationalities. Above all, British gentlemen.

I have to say  I personally thought the description of daily life was quite boring. Although, thinking about it now, I didn’t find it that dense.

At the end, two appendixes briefly explain the political movements (parties, divisions, pro, cons, reasons, consequences… ) implied in the war. Very interesting and less clear. Not the author’s fault, though. Explaining a war is not an easy job.


But it is a pleasant and funny moment when one comes across descriptions of the locals. I found myself  proud of where I come from or a similar weird feeling.

Stranger eyes narrated my history, described my homeland, praised my culture and values.

That was, after all, a Homenage to Catalonia by George Orwell.

2 thoughts on “Homenage to Catalonia

  1. Once, while I was working as a waiter in La Rambla, an old man approach me saying: “Hey you boy, do you know where are you working?” I thought that the answer was obvious, but it seems I was completely wrong: “This young people don’t know anything, this place is historical because of the war, that is why it was mentioned at “Homenage to Catalonia” by George Orwell”. Since that day, 5 years ago, I always say “mañana” I will start reading it…

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