Happy hanukkah!

Hanukkah is not a strange word for me anymore.  I was introduced to Judaism when I worked as au pair for 10 months in Golders Green, a well known Jewish area in North London. I learned about some main holidays, traditions and most of the the yummy food they have: the challah bread on Fridays, the bagels and the jam mini doughnuts for… Hanukkah!

We’ve been wanting to go back to Golders Green for long, but never found the time, really. We finally went yesterday. The streets were busy, preparing for the last day of the holiday, some Menorahs were lit in different parks around… very nice vibe. And we got some treats from Daniel’s bakery! The best bagels in the freezer for when I fancy them, it’s the key. Find it at 12-13 Hallswelle Parade, Finchley Road, NW11 0DL.

La palabra Hanukkah ya no me suena a raro. Fui introducida al judaísmo cuando viví y trabajé como niñera para una familia en Golders Green, conocido barrio judío del norte de Londres. Aprendí sobre algunas fiestas, tradiciones y sobretodo la comida: pan hallah, bagels y mini donuts por Hanukkah. Y volvimos ayer, todo el mundo preparándose para el último día de la fiesta. También nos llevamos algún que otro capricho a casa de una de las mejores panaderías de la zona.

Menorah at Brandenburger Tor, Berlin, two weekends ago.

It’s all about making the most of every experience and learning, like we did in Berlin ;).

And funny enough, also this weekend I came across something I’ve always wanted: a brief, visual and well designed summary of  different religions of the world. It’s awesome!! Weird, huh?

It used to be the best bit in Religion lessons in school, when the teacher would explain how everybody prays to different gods. That still fascinates me.

Y curiosamente este fin de semana también me encontré con algo que había querido siempre. Un resumen breve y visual de todas las religiones del mundo. Y lo encontré! Mola muchísimo. parecerá raro, pero lo más interesante de la clase de religión era cuando la profe explicaba como la gente rezaba a diferentes dioses. Y eso aún me fascina.


And since the world is crazy these days, no harm in praying a bit for all of us, however you want.


Have a good holy night!  😉

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