Lisboa, a bela cidade

Bonita tiene que ser una ciudad para que yo, con la boina que tengo de gironina y después barcelonina, la baraje como posible lugar de jubilación.

Si digo que me encantó todo, parece que no me mato mucho al describirla, pero no me quedo corta. Como dijo un familiar mío cuando hablábamos de ella, “Lisboa tiene el encanto de la decadencia.”

Sus colinas, a veces interminables, te regalarán unas vistas preciosas al final de tu caminata.  O si lo prefieres, tu experiencia en tram.

Con más de 17 miradores, escoge desde donde echar la mejor foto. Mirador de Graça, Mirador de Santa Lucía, Mirador del parque Eduardo VII, Mirador del Castillo de Lisboa… Continue reading “Lisboa, a bela cidade”

Berlin, a personal guide

Just got back from a cold holiday in Berlin. Some people would say that December is not the best time to visit the city. I say it is. It was my second time visiting a cold Berlin. Here is a four day guide:


We landed very early at Schönefeld Berlin Airport. We would “easily” have got to central Berlin if it wasn’t that buying a ticket involved a good 45′ spent in a ticket queue. Mad.


Tip 1: How to move around

We mainly walked everywhere. But for those daytrips further out, we managed to survive and get around with U-Bahn (underground) and S-Bahn (trains that cross and go out the city).

There are no ticket barriers to use the U-Bahn, S-Bahn, trams or regional trains. However, you can be asked to show your ticket anytime, so you better have it. To get into the bus one has to show the ticket to the driver.

Another option would be renting a bike. Very affordable and easy, since there are bike lanes EVERYWHERE. I love it.


So we got to Alexanderplatz and there we found one of the biggest Weihnachtmarkt (Christmas market) of the city. The offer would be the same everywhere:  Bratwrust, typical sweets, GühlWein, Xmas gifts and fun fairs.


Tip 2: Where to stay

Location as always is very important. After looking for different options, including Airbnb and apartments, we finally chose EastSeven Hostel (Schwedter Strasse 7). Just as they claimed to be: relaxed hostel in central Berlin. Small, cosy and clean.

The closest underground station is U Senedefelderplazt. The Kollwitzkiez district, as well as Mitte, are close to the city centre, easy to get around and have nice cafes, restaurants and local shops.

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