The IKEA dining club

Last Saturday 10th of September I happened to find myself wandering around London with a friend that was visiting.

After a morning of markets and fighting the rain, my friend and I decided to head to Shoreditch for a quick peek into the Saturday aternoon Spitafield Market vibes and the area around.

Finally, when our souls were warmed up by a hot drink and about to call it a day and get on a bus to wrap up the perfect day out while viewing the city centre, we bumped into this:

“Wooow!”– I said to my friend – “It’s the IKEA DIY restaurant! The Dining Club or something like that…” Continue reading “The IKEA dining club”

Ode to blackberries

Yes, I might have a problem. I see them everywhere. And when I see one, I see tones of them around it and they are big, they are round, round, round and they are juicy and bitter when they burst in my mouth. I lick my lips, I chew the seeds and I keep looking out for more.

I’ve eaten loads as I’m sure Leo di Caprio and this cartoon would do if they could.

leodicaprio.jpg Continue reading “Ode to blackberries”