Magdalenas de chocolate

Yo no soy mucho de dulces, la verdad, pero parece que mi pequeño desarreglo hormonal me está haciendo caer en la tentación de darme el antojo de algún que otro de vez en cuando.

Como según qué compres en el super es PMI, osea, Pura Mierda Industrial, ni corta ni perezosa me he ido a buscar recetas para darme el gusto.

Una de ellas es esta, sacada del blog del Forner de Alella. Este matrimonio jubilado son muy grandes, ¡me encanta lo que hacen!

Ahí va mi primer intento con estas madalenas (o magdalenas) de chocolate.


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30 things you should know about Spain and Spaniards

1. Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world by native speakers, according to this. Behind Chinese and before English.

Language Approx. number
of speakers
 1. Chinese 1,197,000,000
 2. Spanish 414,000,000
 3. English 335,000,000
 4. Hindi 260,000,000
 5. Arabic 237,000,000
 6. Portuguese 203,000,000
 7. Bengali 193,000,000
 8. Russian 167,000,000
 9. Japanese 122,000,000
10. Javanese 84,300,000

2. But no one really speaks Spanish in Spain. Spaniards speak Castellano, which is the same thing. But there are other 3 co-official languages: Catalan, Galician, Basque, and plenty of dialects.

3. Spanish has also many Arabic sounding words, since it was conquered by the Islamic Moorish armies for many years.

4. It’s said that Christopher Columbus was Italian, but he conquered the Indies under the orders of the Spanish Catholic Monarchs. Not that Spaniards are very proud of South America colonisation or marrying their princesses with other convenient Royal Families in Europe, but the Spanish Empire used to be known as “the empire on which the sun never sets”.


5. Despite that past, Spain didn’t officially participate in either the First or the Second World War.

6. But things got pretty bad for them too and Spain had a military dictatorship, that in fact,  ideologically aligned with Germany and Italy during World War II. Franco ruled the country as a dictator until his death in 1975.

7. Spain is now a Constitutional Monarchy. The King is Felipe VI, the Queen is Letizia and the President of the Country… still to be decided (after a second election).

King Felipe and Queen Letizia

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