Deep dreams are made of… what?

I’ve been recently waking up in the middle of the night, around 4 am. I don’t think is due to the pregnancy, it has more to do with closing the windows thinking the breeze is quite refreshing at night and then finding your limbs and face boiling in the darkness.

That, as well as my hunger and my deep dreams. I could remember everything after waking up. And that’s bad, you know, because then you just think it over and try to make conclusions.


It is very weird how last night I dreamt of a very old woman who used to be my patient 2 years ago. I used to visit her along with my Clinical Supervisor in her family house, because she was unable to go to the surgery. Continue reading “Deep dreams are made of… what?”

Carta al President Puigdemont

El passat dia 12 de Maig vaig tenir l’oportunitat d’escoltar en viu i en directe al President de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Carles Puigdemont, a la Chatham House de London. L’ocasió? La presentació del projecte “Mapping a path towards Catalan independence”  . Podeu llegir la transcripció del discurs en català clicant el link. Un discurs que, tot i ser en anglès, em va agradar molt.

President Puigdemont Continue reading “Carta al President Puigdemont”