Hand and home: presents

Handmade and homemade presents are usually the best. In my case, it is a necessity. I can not give a present without a bit of my touch. Presents are something one enjoys giving (never give anything because you feel forced to). And my touch can be a simple paragraph, a ribbon or a nice wrapping paper, but it needs it. It can,  of course, be a problem, time wise, that’s why it’s always good to combine it with some bought items that can make your life easier.

Here an example. I wanted to get a notebook for a friend of mine. I was telling her about the benefits of writing and specially, when you feel like your head is going to explode cause your mind can’t follow more threads of thought. I knew it had to be handmade, and in my head I was already seeing me making recycled paper with beetroot (I’ll show you one day) but I, again, didn’t have the time. Luckily I came across a super cool and meaningful notebook. WOOOHOOO!! And then just added some words. She loved it! ( that’s what she said).

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