Mysterious Santa

I was doing some home stuff the other day when the bell rang. It was the postman, delivering a small parcel and envelope for me. This is what I got in it.

  1. Caterpillar – Butterfly umbrella from SuckUK, to “transform rainy days into something beautiful.”

bottle light suck uk

2. Bottle light from SuckUK to turn any bottle into a lamp.hello fresh voucher

3. Hello Fresh Voucher. A very attractive way of understanding nutrition and cooking.

How does it work? You choose your food box,  with the exact amount of fresh ingredients needed to cook 3 or 5 recipes that are  thoughtfully prepared and ready to make. You cook them and feel amazing. Loved the concept!

naked wine voucher

4. Naked wine voucher. A customer funded wine business that helps independent winemakers in return for exclusive access to delicious wines at wholesale prices. Very clever idea business, where everybody wins.

El Hombre happened to be working from home that day, so he swore to me that he didn’t know where that was coming from. So, I still don’t know who my secret santa is. It’s a mystery.

Here, some ideas for Secret Santa gifts!

Hope you enjoy yours!

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