War Horse

Last week I had the chance to go to the National Theatre. Funny enough, El Hombre chose the play. And I say funny enough, because he’s not the type of person who knows what’s on the West End, to be honest.

The thing is, he wanted to watch it for so long but it sort of got forgotten until last week.

We only knew the play was based on a children’s book (written by Michael Morpurgo), but we weren’t even sure of that. Therefore, the show utterly surprised me.

If there’s anything one can be sure about in London is, if you get tickets for the theatre, it will be worth it. You might not like the script, the song or some characters, but the scenography is usually mind blowing.

Amazing characteritzation of horses. Three actors jumping around and moving mouth and faces weirdly, snorting and nickering furiously, while I have to remember myself: “I’m seating on a chair, I’m watching a play”.



war-horse-australia-topthorn-and-joey-running1Photo taken from http://simonparrismaninchair.wordpress.com


On the top of that, we learned a little bit of history about the Great War. Most of the story takes place in Calais, gate of France for those coming from UK. We got there in a late ferry coming from Dover, two weeks ago. I only fell in love with its lighthouse. It’s a mysterious city. You never know who is sleeping in a car…


CalaisCalais lighthouse from the car. A goodbye picture.




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