Camp Nou, Catalunya, Spain – Futbol Club Barcelona host Real Club Celta de Vigo – 1 Nov 2014 – La Liga

Més que un club, una experiència


A quick Google search for ‘Barcelona’ returns a results list headed by the city’s football club instead of the city itself. The technicality of why this happens is more to do with the way Google Search Engine biases results based on links and popularity of content instead of a true understand of what one is actually looking for. This being said, in this case, I find Google’s preference of the football club over the City relevant for the reasons shown this video

més que un club

Walking towards the stadium, I was surprised by how modest it looks. It sits there almost invisible. The Camp Nou has near 100,000 seats (98,787 for stats sake) – I was expecting to see it from everywhere, towering above the surrounding area. It slowly comes into view and quickly disappears out of view as you leave the stadium. This was the first time I…

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