a•loof /əˈluf. 16th Century: from a-1 + loof, a variant of luff.
adj.: 1. reserved: not showing interest:a reputation of being aloof.
        2. distant, unsympathetic, or supercilious in manner, attitude, or feeling
adv.: at a distance in feeling or manner: remained aloof from his classmates.  a•loof•ness,n. [uncountable]
A mixture of definitions, but there’s distance. Distance to look at things from a better angle.
Here some words I picked up from an interview to Chris Lowney (I had to look for his name, cause I didn’t know anything about this guy bedore I read those lines) on a Catalan newspaper.
Can you spare 10 minutes? Life is lived going forward, but one understands it going backwards. To truly understand it – to overthink it and give it some sense – is the exercise that prepares one to build up something bigger than your own ego.

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