10 tips on how to make a long distance relationship work

Being in a long distance relationship is not fun. Not at all. However,  there are some tips that can make it easier.


1.Have a goal in mind.

Preferably in common. Set a goal for your relationship. You need to know where the relation is going, when are you going to be together again, where… All these decisions sometimes take time to plan. Don’t be afraid of talking about them. You need to.


2. Communicate creatively.

I am not going to talk about frequency. Every couple knows what’s best for them but even if you speak once a day, be creative on your manners. Keep the other interested.

a. Find different apps: We tried Viber, Snapchat, Tango, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, Hangouts. There are loads!

b. Try traditional post: Handwritten letters require an effort and they are soooo romantic.

c. Be crafty/ detail minded / arty: nice things attract nice people.



3. Know each other’s schedule.

Even if you don’t speak much or if you do, be considerate with each others timetable. Try to not be intrusive in his/her activities or accomodate them with yours.


4. Keep each other updated about work, family and friends.

If you don’t share these things the other person is missing a lot about you. Even though sometimes it could be the stupidest thing, keep sharing events and stories that happen around you.


5. Enjoy your time alone.

Sometimes the feeling of solitude can be overwhelming. In those moments you might start messaging your partner like crazy, going through pictures from the last time together… Stop it. Take your time and face it. Feeling lonely is part of life. Being alone too. You might be missing what’s happening around you. Be strong.


6. Make time to do things “together”.

Cooking, doing dishes, laundry, showering… There are many things I did with El Hombre.
You guys are a couple and there are many things you want to do together. No need to say that being apart makes the sexual part more difficult. But remember: be creative and find a way.


7. Be honest with each other.

That always should be the case but especially when things are not going or feeling great and doubts arise, talk to each other and be true.


8. Videocall each other as often as you can.

El Hombre and I were actually very impressed with the frequency of our Skypes. Far from finding it annoying, it was a nice ritual to look foward to. Sometimes, though, wanting someone behind the screen so badly can be very painful. Manage those feelings with creativity and excitement.


9. Avoid dangerous situations.

Life around you doesn’t stop. You are going to meet people and socialise with them. It’s part of life. Being faithful to each other is usually part of the deal. Don’t hurt each other by being careless.


10.Visit each other.

We kept it as once every 2 weeks, roughly and that made it so much easier, to be honest, but of course it depends on money, time and distance. Make the effort, it’s worth it.


EXTRA TIP:  Stay positive.

Always and above all. Stay positive. Finding the right person isn’t easy. If you think you have found her/him feel grateful and enjoy it.


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