Day trip to Hampshire: Petersfield and Hayling Island

Two weekends ago, El Hombre and I went all the way down to Hampshire. Originally thinking of going to the Isle of Wight, really, but having checked ferries and other sort of transport, it seemed too complicated to organise, so we ended up staying in the mainland. So, after a lazy weekend wake up, we started our little excursion planning of crossing the South Downs National Park and finishing our trip by the sea. So a little bit of green and a little of blue. Always and without exception, involving water.

Hace dos semanas El Hombre y yo nos fuimos de excursión a Hampshire. Pensábamos ir a Isle of Wight, en realidad, pero comprobando ferris y otros medios de transporte, nos compensó más quedarnos en tierra. Así que después de un despertar perezoso, planeamos el viaje cruzando South Downs National Park  y acabar en el mar.

Our first stop was Petersfield.  Why Petersfield? Well, it seemed to be a big spot in the middle of the National Park. Quite big to offer something interesting to see and the truth is that I loved it. Somehow and totally unplanned, we ended up in the perfect place. A lake! We started walking the surrounding footpath and ended up jogging, done in just under 10 minutes. And after that, we took a kayak.

La primera parada fue Petersfield, porque fue el pueblo más grande que encontramos en el mapa y pensamos que tendría algo interesante para ver. Y sí. ¡Un lago! Empezamos andando el caminillo que lo rodea, lo acabamos corriendo y luego lo cruzamos en kayak. Más completo imposible.


Petersfield lake from a kayak.


Feel free in your kayak.

I don’t know what’s going on with boats and kayaks lately, but WE can’t stop thinking of them. All started in Formentera, but that’s another story… But yes, the other day El Hombre even suggested going for a boat holiday, whatever that means…

And when we did all the exercise for the day, we got in the car again and drove down to… Hayling Island!! The day was amazingly sunny so everybody seemed to have the same plan. Stuck in traffic for a while to discover the super cool bridge we had to cross and makes the other piece of land an actual island. As you can imagine, long queues to cross it and the thought of “what if the bridge…” in the back of my mind. But don’t worry, it is a new one.

No sé que pasa últimamente con los barcos, pero aparecen en todas partes! Hasta El Hombre el otro día sugirió ir de vaciones en barco. Todo empezó en Formentera, pero eso ya es otra historia…

Y cuando ya hicimos todo el ejercicio del día, volvimos al coche y nos dirigimos a Hayling Island. Un día radiante y todo el mundo con el mismo plan. Colas para cruzar el puente que divide la tierra firme de la isla. No pude evitar pensar cosas malas sobre la firmeza de la estructura del mismo…


The Langstone Bridge

And when we got to the end of it… Suprise, surprise! A funfair? What’s a fun fair doing in a place like this? The first thing that came to my mind was… “Oh! Like Coney Island in the movies!”  I was so shocked, that I didn’t even take pictures. And the best part is that for 3£ you get 4 free tokens, that we eventually used in a kids ride. And I almost threw up.

Y cuando ya llegamos al final de la isla, sorpresa, sorpresa. ¡Una feria! ¿Y qué hace una feria en un sitio como este? Pues yo me quedé tan sorprendida, que ni fotos eché. Me hizo pensar en las pelis americanas y su Coney Island. Pero lo mejor es que por las 3 libras del parquing, te daban 4 fichas gratis para montarte en las atracciones. Las acabamos usando en una atracción para niños. Y yo casi vomito…


What I did take pictures of was my nice lunch, yes, the one that almost made me explode and nearly vomited…

La comida que casi devuelvo, buenísima mientras la devoraba.


So nice, so heavy, so full, so sick.

To then lie down on this pebble windy beach. A big challenge to keep all things in place with this wind!

La playa de piedras, huracanes y preciosas casitas.

Beach Huts On Hayling IslandSource:

 With cute beach huts and a lot of history. Some World War II events took place in the island. Read a bit more here and here.

Overall, another great British Summer day. Worth visiting!

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