Man up or how hard it is to be a man

I’m writing this post because I noticed some time ago that being a man is harder than being a woman.

I’m writing it now because I just heard a whatsapp audio from a teenager explaining to his friends how he harassed a peer to death. He didn’t actually kill the boy, but he helped. It was after a football game. He finished his recording saying that that made him and his other friends gain respect from others. They, in fact, referred to it as becoming gods. It was scary how “innocent” or natural the voice sounded. Very scary.  This recording was on the Spanish news. The case is in court.

After that, I saw this video on my FB news feed.

Then I remembered some conversations about men I recently had with my girlfriends and I thought… I REALLY FEEL FOR THEM! Why is it so hard to be a man? Answer: WRONG ROLE EDUCATION?

There’s so much to talk about. So much. Basically, it would be the foundation of our society, therefore, the foundation of everything we know. That’s the importance of this matter. Big scale. Major issue. FAMILY. How’s my, your, his, her, their family?

We could talk about it for years. In the meantime, some statements that should be avoided (I do have to avoid them too)

1. “Women are more emotional than men…” or “He cried like a woman”

It’s obvious that men are emotional, I believe, otherwise they wouldn’t be humans. Then, why don’t we let them just be?

2. “Some women are hysterical”, “Women just worry too much”, “She just talks about it over and over again

When you are close to a men that has a problem, load yourself with tons of patience. They are worse than all hysterical women put together.

Women have a powerful tool; they tend to talk more. They socialise, gather, and can open up  easily (to the right friends, of course.) Men tend to avoid the problem, minimise it and lock themselves to any external help, covering it with a good time with friends, work, a movie, a game, a match, a drink or a party.

Back to number 1. Let a man express himself, let him be. Men of this world, please talk. It is a very human thing.

3. “Be a man”, ” You are a pussy”, “Man up”, “Show me what you can do”


What the hell is that supposed to mean? Would you ever say be a woman? Are men strong and women weak?

And this is a basic one. Men of this world, YOU DO NOT HAVE to be brave or strong or rich or powerful. You don’t have to do stupid or amazing things to prove anything to anyone except yourself. Basically, allow yourselves to be weak or low or down. It is a human thing too.

4. “You are mine”, “My cock is all you’re having”, “I’m gonna shag all night”, “All these babes will know who the daddy is”, “Men are more sexual”, “Men need to empty their balls”, “Men just think of sex”,”Men think first with their dick” (no need for more…)

erectile dysfunction

Having sex with all women in the world won’t make you more manly. The same for women. It won’t make you prettier. In fact, you might catch something nasty you will always remember.

Everybody likes sex. Who doesn’t like pleasure? We just tend to think of it differently because some biological factors may play an important role.

But men of this world, don’t you fool yourselves. Women love sex, they do think of sex too, provided by the very best man in their wet dreams. Quality over quantity?

I find funny when some guys talk about all these girls they’ve had sex with and all the things they’ve done and how they’ve done it and how cool they felt or they are and she wanted more and… I think or ask them “And how many of them you’ve pleased?” They shut up. Respect others, respect yourself.

However, not everybody wants to have sex all the time and not with any random person. That applies for both sexes. This type of sex can become boring. On the other hand, sex with introduction, body and conclusion tends to always get better.

5. “I’m going to show who the boss is here”, ” I am the man”, “I wear the trousers”, “I am the head of the family”, “He’s the man of the house”, “he’s puts the bread on the table”, “I’m going to give you everything you want”

Hold on, cowboy. Who do you think you are? Why are you putting all the pressure on you? Or even worse, princess. Why would you ask for a superman?

As far as I’m concerned, having a family implies being more than one. A family is a big business that needs 2 bosses. I do wear trousers too. We both have to work hard. The pressure is on 4 shoulders, not only yours. Again, respect others, respect yourself.

An I could go over more hateful statements but I won’t. I think you got the idea.


Being a male or a female makes us different. They say it’s a matter of birth. But being a woman or a man, when said in a strong deep voice, it’s supposed to be a big statement that is actually empty, meaningless. You are being a man by being you, not playing the role someone else wants.

Mothers and fathers of the world, don’t tag it, don’t name it. Just get the best out of them.

2 thoughts on “Man up or how hard it is to be a man

  1. Unfortunately it all starts at home. And this horrible sentence “boys should not cry ” and ofc the many generations of still thinking that the man is the one that leads. It’s a topic that can fill hundred of pages. Sad but true in many cases

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