Man up or how hard it is to be a man

I’m writing this post because I noticed some time ago that being a man is harder than being a woman.

I’m writing it now because I just heard a whatsapp audio from a teenager explaining to his friends how he harassed a peer to death. He didn’t actually kill the boy, but he helped. It was after a football game. He finished his recording saying that that made him and his other friends gain respect from others. They, in fact, referred to it as becoming gods. It was scary how “innocent” or natural the voice sounded. Very scary.  This recording was on the Spanish news. The case is in court.

After that, I saw this video on my FB news feed.

Then I remembered some conversations about men I recently had with my girlfriends and I thought… I REALLY FEEL FOR THEM! Why is it so hard to be a man? Answer: WRONG ROLE EDUCATION? Continue reading “Man up or how hard it is to be a man”

¡Camarero! Una de reggaeton, ton, ton…

Esta es una triste historia de una triste au pair. Uno de los niños a los que cuida la tiene amargada. 😦 ‘You are not allowed to sing’, ‘You are not allowed to clap hands’, ‘You are not allowed to tune’, ‘You are not allowed to dance’… Perdona, niño… ¿Alguna cosa más? Pues sí. ‘Only the weekends’. Ah, vale, gracias. ¿Y sabéis por qué? Porque solo … Continue reading ¡Camarero! Una de reggaeton, ton, ton…