UK Government’s new Tobacco Law

After the 20th of May 2017 this is how ALL tobacco products will look like:

Technically, the law came into force in May 2016 but companies were given a year grace period to put in place the next changes:

  • No packs less than 20 cigarretes.
  • No hand rolling tobacco pouches less than 30g
  • No price markings on packs.
  • Standardised packaging: all cigarette and hand rolling tobacco packs will be in the same olive green colour.
  • Larger picture health warning on front and back of packs, covering at least 65% of the box.
  • Brand names will be written in standard font, size and location on the pack.

The aim of the law is to cut the number of people taking up smoking, many before the age of 18, making it less appealing.

More expensive, since smaller packs won’t be available.

Less attractive (even repulsive) by using real medical pictures of diseases caused by tobacco and other marketing strategies like colour, font size and so one.

I applaud the initiative. Less younger and poorer smokers in the world it’s definitely a start.

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