Currently loving

Long time ago, when there were tags and trends to follow in an interesting and fresh new social media world (who isn’t sick of it already?) I used to love this one: #currentlyloving.

It could be shallow, but it would make me more conscious of what I liked or enjoyed doing in that moment in time. What is it right now?

1. Not having to go to work.

I’m enjoying every minute of my maternity leave. Every day, as the time to go back to work gets closer, I make a conscious effort to remind myself how amazing it is to be at home, taking care of my family, and getting paid for it (and not having to work on weekends or nights…) The best feeling.

2. My morning tea.

I’ve been hating it for months, because of pregnancy. The only smell of tea would made me queasy and even after giving birth I couldn’t bear it. But I slowly fell in love with it again. The only problem? Having to do a thousand things while I’m having it… and eventually having it cold. Damn it.

3. Reading novels.

Ohlala! What a pleasure! Spent 2 years “reading” the same novel plus few other books, essays, on the side on top of professional related articles. Such a blessing having time to read novels.

4. Lighting up a candle or burning essential oil.

When the day has finished for the little ones and I have an hour to spare. Lovely.

Definitely the most remarkable ones… There’s others, though… Just not that obvious; #currentlyworkingonlovingthem, kind of… Eventually loved ones.


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