How to dress during pregnancy

Pregnancy is not necessarily at odds with fashion, but you’ll clearly have to adapt to that bump and the changing seasons.

It is normal to go through phases of being tired to phases of feeling like a real diva, but with some tips, you’ll be able to feel gorgeous throughout the 9 months. 🙂

For this post, I’ve mainly used pictures from H&M catalogue which for me is the only brand that really gets behind maternity fashion at affordable prices. Good for them!

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Ode to blackberries

Yes, I might have a problem. I see them everywhere. And when I see one, I see tones of them around it and they are big, they are round, round, round and they are juicy and bitter when they burst in my mouth. I lick my lips, I chew the seeds and I keep looking out for more.

I’ve eaten loads as I’m sure Leo di Caprio and this cartoon would do if they could.

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