How to dress during pregnancy

Pregnancy is not necessarily at odds with fashion, but you’ll clearly have to adapt to that bump and the changing seasons.

It is normal to go through phases of being tired to phases of feeling like a real diva, but with some tips, you’ll be able to feel gorgeous throughout the 9 months. 🙂

For this post, I’ve mainly used pictures from H&M catalogue which for me is the only brand that really gets behind maternity fashion at affordable prices. Good for them!



It will be the change you’ll probably notice first, plus perhaps the size of your bra.

I personally chose to continue using my normal clothes before I started buying maternity clothes, around the 4th month.

The trick? A hairband. Put it around the button of your trousers and then pass it through the button-hole on the other side and then close it. Covered with a long T-shirt, no one will notice… 😉

But as the weeks pass, you’ll notice you need to change your size urgently. You have several options.

The typical maternity bottoms with elastic band for your belly are awesome. I found these skinny jeans on sale and bought them straight away (I wanted to continue feeling a little bit more feminine…) I’ve worn them a lot, really.


Another option are baggy trousers, boho style with elastic band. Especially good in spring or summer. There’s a risk with those, though. Looking bigger than you are if they are too loose. Choose some which are not very baggy, the slimmer the fit around your legs, the better.

If  you are pregnant during the cold months, leggings and tights will be your most precious allies. Leggings are actually easier to combine  with dresses, T-shirts, sweaters… pregnancy-leggins-hm

If you really want to be comfy, dresses are the best. No doubt. You can wear them all year around, short or long, thick or thin, with leggings, tights or without …

Personally, I think there are two types of dresses that really suit a pregnant woman. The empire waist and stretchy dresses. In fact, these are the ones that frame your bump the best, which makes you gorgeous, rather than hiding it.


Following the same pattern, letting your clothes define your bump (in a comfy way, of course) is chic 😉 Therefore, stretchy tops are helpful. You can find short or long ones and some of them even have a gather on the sides to fit you even more.

Another option is the empire cut tops or tunics. You can also use old loose clothes and create the same effect helping yourself with a belt around your waist.


Crop tops could be an option on top of dresses or tight shirts.


Recycling pre-pregnancy clothes is not difficult in this sense.

One option is adding layers to your outfit. It helps control your body temperature better, which, with your hormonal changes, tends to be high. In addition it’s less bulky than a thicker jumper.

As for jumpers, in the same way, I tend to wear close-fitting ones. Learn how to make this easy DIY here.


Blazers and jackets frame your outfit very well. They make it more structured as well as more sophisticated.


As for coats, if you see that you can’t use your old ones, try a poncho or a cape which are trendy at the moment. You’ll definitely find a way to fit your bump in them and keep it nice and warm.


As I have been repeating, excessively loose clothing will make you look bulkier than you actually are. Go comfy, loose, but don’t overdo it. Showing your bump is cool. 🙂

Fabrics that perspire well, such as cotton or polyester, are basics. On the other hand, thick fabrics like wool, can make you look bigger than you are. You may prefer to add layers to your outfit.


As you might feel your outfits are pretty basic or repetitive, use accessories to make your look more stylish.

Belts or straps above your bump, will frame it as well as give some life to the outfit. Also, you can combine jewellery or accessories such as handbags, foulards or scarves. But be careful not to overload the outfit too much. Your belly is enough. 🙂


Try to wear comfortable shoes. They don’t necessarily have to be flat. You can use low-heeled shoes if you feel more comfortable. Remember that your centre of gravity will change as you are gaining weight. Be stylish but prudent 😉

If you want more inspiration on how to dress while pregnant, you will find many outfit options on Pinterest. Grab ideas and look trendy!

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