DIY: Femme fatale sweatsuit

It’s been loooong! Yes, I know. It might have felt as I was bored of writing. NOT AT ALL! I’ve been thinking of writing many times, but not being able to find the time to do it.  But guys, after this long silence, here I am. I’ve got many things to share.

I’m back with a DIY. I don’t remember the last time I shared one, but it is not rare that I do my sort of DIYs quite often. At the end of the day, fixing or recycling something it’s an art I like to practice.


  • Plain sweatsuit or hoodie
  • Double-sided thermoadhesive  paper
  • Piece of fabric with interesting design/print
  • Iron
  • Scissors, pencil and eraser.


1. Get a sweatsuit or hoodie. I chose this one from H&M, cause it was plain and cheap.


2. The double -sided thermoadhesive paper  was easy to find in the haberdashery. You’ll notice it has 2 sides, one rough, one smooth, which you should identify.

3. Creativity comes here. Making a dull DIY or a great one, depends on you (or people next around you, who wants to help.) I chose a letter as a message, or a double letter. You’ll see… Take the thermoadhesive paper and write your design on the smooth side.


4. Face the rough side of the thermoadhesive paper to the piece of cloth you’re going to use. In this case I used some African fabric a friend once got me. With a hot iron, press the surface for 10”. Make sure that it got stick together.


5. Cut out the letters of your design. Make sure the smooth side of the thermal adhesive paper is showing.

6. Remove the smooth side of the thermal adhesive paper, and face the rough sticky side to the sweatsuit. Make sure your design is aligned or make it imperfectly perfect. What you iron later, remains! Last step is ironing those letter to the sweatsuit. I’d recommend to use a cotton cloth on top of the letters, just in case.

7. Et vouilà! The femme fatale sweasuit. Easy peasy!

femme fatale sweatsuit

8. To be honest, I wasn’t completely satisfied with it. I had the leftovers of the letters in my hands and I didn’t know what to do with them, but I felt the sweatsuit was lacking something. In the end, I came up with the idea of using the leftovers as elbow patches. Super cool! I’m pleased with the result. 🙂

Get started!

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