Yoga with Adriene

I did say that I would be a superhero in 2016. And I’m also trying to go through my magic list and it’s groooooooooowing on me! But this has been much easier since I met Adriene.

Ya dije que en el 2016 sería una súper heroína y que usaría mi súper lista para crecer. Y lo estoy intentando.  Pero ha sido mucho más fácil desde que conocí a Adriene.

yoga with Adriene

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Throw it all

I was telling you guys about the idea of the meal planner here and how difficult it is to keep it updated. I haven’t been good with it lately, to be honest.

As I said, having free food from El Hombre’s office doesn’t help much, cause most of the time food is provided.

But it is also hard because we have a weird style of cooking (it might be that I picked it up from my mum, who knows…). It’s called the “throw it all” style.


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