Throw it all

I was telling you guys about the idea of the meal planner here and how difficult it is to keep it updated. I haven’t been good with it lately, to be honest.

As I said, having free food from El Hombre’s office doesn’t help much, cause most of the time food is provided.

But it is also hard because we have a weird style of cooking (it might be that I picked it up from my mum, who knows…). It’s called the “throw it all” style.


The title it’s quite self-explanatory but for the ones who haven’t still got the message, means that we cook everything it’s in the fridge over the week.

So, rather than planning a meal, getting the ingredients and cooking it, we get ingredients and then we cook  what’s in the fridge over the week, with no plan or order.

At the moment, it seems to be the season of ratatouilles or vegetables in the oven. Just THROW IT ALL in the tray.

Here an example:

1. Go to your local groceries shop and SPOT THE ORANGE STICKER!!


2. Use the green beans that have been in the fridge for the past 10 days and the bruised peppers too.


3. Make it colourful. At least three different colours, please!

4. You won’t see more because it’s already in my belly!

Enjoy the veggies 😉

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