DIY: meal planner

Very quick and easy DIY. Maybe it shouldn’t be called DIY, but anyway. It was just needed.


El Hombre gets free food from work. Yes, you read well. Employees get free lunch, snacks and nice tupper wares to take home. But of course, the quality is not always like the homemade food.

My bad diet this last week has made my body itch for healthy food again. So I’ve decided I’ll start planning my meals as I used to when I had to cook everyday, but taking it to the extreme of knowing what I am going to eat every single day. Planning ahead, or trying it, will give me control over my diet. No room for pigging out! And that’s what I’m looking for.

Found some options in Waterstones, Amazon, Pinterest or the internet in general (this chalk board is super cute!) but finally decided to DIMyself.

Voilà! Ready to plan, cook and eat for a month! Wish me luck!

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