Love food, hate waste

Food waste is a major global issue. In the UK, we throw away 7 million tonnes of food from our homes every year, according to this great initiative Love Food, Hate Waste that is working towards reducing this problem.


But let’s be honest. We all know that this issue starts at home. Planning your grocery shopping, your meals and cooking and eating at home a bit more could contribute to this problem.

Find here some tips on how to reduce your food waste:

1. Plan your menus ahead.   If you need help, you can browse the internet for new recipes or even set menus.

2. Use a shopping list. Just buy what you need and if it’s possible, season products.

3. Make the most of the grocery deals. Spot the orange sticker and learn how to freeze cooked or raw food.

4. Expiration date is just an approximation. Do check them when in the shops and arrange your fridge so you have the food that needs to be eaten before in the front.

expire date.jpg

5. Throw it all!  Use your old or bruised vegetables and fruits to make soups, bakes or delicious smoothies.

6. Serve and eat the portion of food that you really need. This will help your pocket and your belly!

A little goes a long way!


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