How to make the most of groceries deals

El Hombre and I tend to do the big food shopping together. Sometimes we disagree on what to take home and it’s usually when it comes to deals, funny enough; he will say “These are five for £2. It’s good.” and I will say “But we don’t need it, we won’t eat it…”

And here is when you become clever on how to get deals.
If it’s canned food, dry staple or frozen food, they are normally welcome. It’s when it comes to fresh stuff when the thing gets tricky. But you know what? We love our freezer.


I have to say I’ve learned that from my mum, who has 2 normal freezers plus a chest freezer (for a family of nine).

El Hombre and I, despite being just two, have found a way of making the most of the deals and also saving time when cooking. After the bulk shopping, comes the bulk chopping.

And then packing and freezing, just like that.

You can do peppers, courgettes, mushrooms, onions, garlic, carrots… I would avoid potatoes, since the starch doesn’t freeze very well or food with high content of water, like tomatoes, cucumber or lettuce.

And when the time to cook comes, the hard work is done! 

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