Autumn dishes

There is nothing like eating home. Cooking is knowing how to take care of yourself as well pampering, treating and pleasing your taste buds.

And in Autumn, missed vegetables return. Different cooking styles and methods. Stews, purees and creams. All with a spoon.

Your dishes have more carbohydrates or fats, but hey, you’re protecting yourself from the cold. And the oven becomes the king of your kitchen, heating the house and your feet. 🙂

I leave you here a nice and cheap recipe. In the oven, of course. Arabic style aubergine with sweet potato chips. Take that!

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Za’atar ou Sumac

These are two of the best things El Hombre has brought to my life. Gastronomically speaking, of course.


 With origins in the Middle East and widely used in their cuisine, it’s now a basic in ours.

Estas son dos de las mejores cosas que El Hombre ha aportado a mi vida. Gastronómicamente hablando, claro está. Típicas del Oriente Medio y de su gastronomía, ahora es un básico en la nuestra. Continue reading “Za’atar ou Sumac”