Catalan independence

Everyone in Spain will know what Catalan people are celebrating today. Well, actually, today we celebrate the day of Catalonia, “commemoration of the defeat of the Catalan troops fighting during the War of the Spanish Succession. The Catalan troops that fought in support of the Habsburg dynasty’s claim to the Spanish throne were defeated at the Siege of Barcelona by the army of the Bourbon king Philip V of Spain on 11 September 1714 after 14 months of siege” (Wikipedia, my friend)

But this is not what people will see, non-stop, on the news today. They will see thousands of Catalan independent flags waving and a human chain all along the Catalan territory.

Catalan people claim for independence and to get there, a REFERENDUM is needed. Like Scotland in the UK, it’s meant to be in 2014.

What if we get a big yes? Are we READY? Should we just go for it and plan later? What’s going to happen afterwards?

As a write these lines, a friend of mine is telling me… Is this all independent thing a way to hide and ignore all the real problems we have in our little nation? What about Health and Education Public system? What about I&D? What about these dodgy deals, favouritism and preferences that some Catalan politicians, bankers and Co. have?

As Anna says, having a Catalan ID won’t make me happier about it or just forget it. Well, I couldn’t agree more.

There is a FEELING, there is a CULTURE, there is a LANGUAGE, there is a TRADITION…

We, Catalans, are a NATION. I’m just worried that we fail as a STATE.

11 de setembre

We also have the best football team ever. HERE a video from The Guardian, about Barça and Catalanism.



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