we all laugh the same

We all laugh the same 🙂

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‘Refraction2reflection’ is a blog I read some months ago.
A post caught my attention.
The title was:
“We all laugh the same”.
He/she wrote
“we can play with this message”:
“we all (smile,walk,digest,run,drink,smell,feel etc…) the same”.

This sentence keeps coming to my mind.
If we could constantly be aware of such a simple fact!!!!
It comes to me always in parallel with the topic of “peace”


Songs, signs, images, logos, events, groups.
Prizes, activities, institutions, speeches.
All for the sake of “Peace”.

Peace!!…..an abstract noun,
that can’t concretise unless it blends with love.

Love!!….. another abstract noun.

Two abstracts ???
No wonder it’s hard to find Peace.

Peace has become just a nice word we like to talk about.
But have we ever seen peace?
All we see is violence escalating.

Very concrete.



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