Sexual vs sexist

Are you a woman? Are you tired of being treated differently for that reason? Someone has been disrespectful to you lately?


The second suggestion: try to get to know people you sleep with. For your and their own sake.

People who say that they haven’t found the man or woman of their lives, or, to me, simply someone you feel very comfortable with (as if it was very simple…), probably:
1. Don’t know themselves.
2. Don’t accept their selfishness.
3. Don’t want to know and learn from the other person.
4. Don’t socialise much.
5. Are, unfortunately, very unlucky. (And I doubt it…)

But going back to sex, and despite all the problems that have come with a rigid and fake social moralisation of the topic, the truth is, both, men and women, like and enjoy sex.

This post was inspired by a book I read like two months ago, La Colmena (The hive) by Camilo José Cela, a classic of Spanish literature. He could not publish the novel in Spain until 1955, due to the censorship of the time (Franco still in power),  since in the novel are many references to sex and gay people and prison atmosphere of the time, Madrid, 1943.colmena

On it, one of the female characters, Victorita, is described as a woman “That didn’t ask for much. Only wanted to eat and keep loving her boyfriend, if he’d ever recover (he was ill). She didn’t want to screw around; but she was almost pushed to it. She’d never done it, she only had slept with her boyfriend. She had will power, and despite she was a horny woman, she tried to resist. She had been always good to Paco and never cheated on him.

I love all men – She said once to her boyfriend – That’s why I only sleep with you. If I started sleeping around, I’d never finish.

The boyfriend, obviously, didn’t like it, and replied: “If I’m like anyone, you are free to do whatever you want.”

la colmena

So here we go,  Let any one of you who is without sin, be the first to throw a stone at her.
A good man friend of mine always says that men are different because they actually have to release a substance to feel satisfied, and the continence of it can drive men crazy.

To that statement I say… What about the difficult women’s orgasm that sometimes a man rarely can achieve?

ALPHA MACHOS of this world, can you all please your woman as much as she needs?


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