I sometimes wonder whether I read enough about current issues or I get too carried away by my daily life or if it’s that I get carried away by my daily life because I don’t want to read more about current issues. Understood?
The honest truth is that starting your day reading the press can be a bit of a downer. Thieves, manipulation, killers… All covered by a very thick layer of good manners and education, if possible, from the best/most powerful institutions. Jokers…

Having a smartphone has made my life easier in that front. I can read the same news from different sources (if I fancy it). The best source, though, is El Hombre, who keeps me updated with all he reads (and also provides TIME magazine) and makes it enjoyable with his comments and point of view. He even made up a rule consisting in sharing one thing we learnt a day, so it would be 2 new things a day. I found it really cute and useful but the truth is we haven’t been very strict with it.

Anyway, the reason of this post is that when I like what I read, I take a shot of it. Hopefully, to write about it and share ideas, but I don’t seem to be good in this. Hence I publish some pics I found on my phone today, waiting to be rescued from oblivion and so I can finally delete them!


From the last TIME magazine. I found quite funny how this girl is making profit from his dad habits. Clever.


From the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) guidelines I was reading over the weekend, and after assisting a conference related to Health Education, I came across this concept: health competences: capacity of a patient to obtain, process and understand the basic health information to make correct decisions.


From last month TIME magazine, this ResearchGate project, where scientists share their research online, whether they are successful experiments or they are not. Join for free!!

wpid-wp-1416734518017.jpegAlso from the same mag, THIRD WORLD problems.


wpid-wp-1416734502005.jpegAgain, from TIME magazine, cover issue, Taylor Swift. I didn’t have a clue she was that popular.













Taken from the magazine Atención Primaria, “Como incentivar la actividad física en los niños” or How to stimulate children to do exercise.



This article in Diario Médico where it’s said that GPs can’t really see children in Primary Care, cause they don’t have the knowledge and skills to offer a good service. Funny enough, at least in Spain, GP must see children in the surgeries, cause pediatricians are lacking.


This other article on Diario médico about SNS (Spanish NHS) where it’s suggested that we have to first un-invest to re-invest later.



La Contra de La Vanguardia  where John Ralston Saul stands: “Globalitzation just brought us crisis and unemployement”. Has it, really?


Well, just throwing some thoughts. More interesting ones will come. Hopefully, with solutions 🙂

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