Ups! I did it

In a day like today, when it hasn’t stopped raining for the whole day, I just better think of nice things. Or nice colours. Do you remember this? I wrote about how nice a pair of colourful trousers look and how much I like combinations in daily outfits, even if they have to be formal. And the guy of the picture… What a guy! 😉

So the other day, I was in a shopping centre and guess what happened. I came across all the variety of nice colours I was talking about and for a very reasonable price! OMG! Danger…


So, after trying some on, taking and sending  pictures to some friends, laughing, wandering around for a bit longer… Finally, in the end, which one do you think I bought?


Oh yes, the mustard ones! And yes, El Hombre joins me in this trend.  How else are we gonna battle the rain?


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