Eating colours

It is healthy for our body but also for our mind. The presentation of food can change the taste, texture or smell, depending on how we take it. This post is inspired by some of the food pics I’ve got in my phone. Ohlala!

No es solo una cosa saludable, porque significa que estamos usando todos los grupos alimentarios, con más peso de vegetales y frutas.  Me atrevería decir que también lo es para nuestra psique.
La presentación de la comida cambia su gusto, textura y aroma dependiendo de como la recibimos. 
Y este post lo inspira la cantidad de fotos de comida que tengo en mi móvil. ¡Y cómo me gusta verlas!

Pies from G. Kelly, 526 RomanRd E3 5ES, London. El Hombre took me (a promise is a promise) and both of us were expecting to find a coolkids pie shop and found an English traditional pie place.

The speciality: pie +mash potatoe + parsley sauce.
And for dessert, apple pie and apple and blueberry crumble + custard. Buenísimo!

The week of “el pincho” or “tapa” in Miranda de Ebro. A competition between different bars. The best, the price. 1,70€!


Improvised dinner with friends on the street.


Last minute dinner or nibbles made in our house. Thinking about it, it’s a good mix of our cultures.

imageDinner with friends. Everyone responsible of one dish. Some better than others, of course.

imageTupper lunch. Feeling like home. Yummy!


Trying to do some detox, I’ll prepare my salad, which ends up being a feast!

I’ve never been scared of experimenting. Lentils + tomato+ cheese cake. Well…

Basil from my parents balcony. Amazing pesto express!

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