stress & grace or vegetables, you choose

What a hard word to pronounce for a non-English speaker… STRESSSSS… How many more S you wanna add, man?

When I hear it… I can only think of how fed up I’m with it. It’s everywhere. At work, at home, with friends, with kids, with family…

Which leads me to a quite clear conclusion: IT IS INEVITABLE, it’s part of life.

Forget about NOT being stressed. It would mean you are either dead or a vegetable.

Embrace stress and control it, don’t avoid it. Control it with grace.

Not everybody stresses for the same, there’s no common threshold.

Embrace it and control it with grace. Or be a vegetable.

One thought on “stress & grace or vegetables, you choose

  1. Stresss. Always stresss. That’s the best and only excuse these days….. Until we find a substitute…. Hehehe. Anyway very well written.!!!

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