DIY: chair makeover

Something like a month ago (or maybe a little bit longer… ) El Hombre and I went for stroll down the road and we came across this chair outside a house that was being refurbished. stool from the street.jpg

Despite its looks, we thought it had potential and, on top of that, it would bring our little morning battles to an end. We have a small kitchen and only one stool, so there’s always competition to get it first. We took it home and started to work on it. Recycling freaks, yes. Continue reading “DIY: chair makeover”

DIY: transforma una silla

Hace como un mes, salimos a dar un paseo con El Hombre y al volver nos encontramos esta silla en el jardín de una casa en obras.

stool from the street.jpg

No tiene muy buena pinta, lo sé, pero pensamos que era la silla perfecta (en potencia) para nuestra cocina, en la que solo tenemos una silla, y cada mañana nos la disputamos. Decidido, los frikis del reciclaje se la llevaron para casa.
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