DIY: chair makeover

Something like a month ago (or maybe a little bit longer… ) El Hombre and I went for stroll down the road and we came across this chair outside a house that was being refurbished. stool from the street.jpg

Despite its looks, we thought it had potential and, on top of that, it would bring our little morning battles to an end. We have a small kitchen and only one stool, so there’s always competition to get it first. We took it home and started to work on it. Recycling freaks, yes.

Our first idea was to sand it to then paint it with a nice colour.  We later noticed that it actually needed a bit more work than that, since it had some holes and cracks needing repair.

Materials needed

  • Sandpaper roll
  • Super Glue
  • Gloss paint
  • Paint brush

 Using super glue and wood from broken parts, we fixed the cracks and holes the best we could and started sanding it.

But once we started seeing the results, we liked them more and more. Just the plain sanded wood looked gorgeous. So that’s how we left it and returned the paint to the shop. Saving money, ini’t. 😉

Besides being a very helpful relaxation exercise, we now have two stools in the kitchen and can have our breakfast in peace. And for a great price! 🙂

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