DIY: glass jars

I have to say, I’m a recycling freak. And glass jars and bottles are my weakness. They rarely leave my house without having had at least one other use in their materialistic life.
I’ve gone around the house today looking for examples on how to reuse these pearls. Here are some 😉

To keep food

Cereal, sugar, tea… They look really cute on your kitchen shelves.
And for cooked food, I thought that showing my freezer wasn’t really glamorous, but glass jars are a fantastic alternative to the plastic tupper ware we are used to.


Be adventurous on how to present your fresh foods on your table. Glass jars for salads, starters, dips, cold soups, smoothies, milkshakes… There are plenty of ideas in Pinterest and very trendy!

Water flask 

Recycled bottles and glasses can help you keep hydrated along the day. Keep some in the fridge and take one with you. I used to have an amazing green beer bottle that I would take with me literally everywhere. Unfortunately, got lost in a hospital :(. I also use some to water the house plants.




There are plenty of ideas and combinations. Higher, lower, flat, round … Put them wherever and however.



I rarely have fresh flowers at home, but dry ones (not fake) can do the trick. Here is how you do it.


Pencils and stationary material 

A classic and very handy in our house, where there are note pads and pens everywhere. To-do-list freaks.


Collections & storage

I must say I found far more rare collections in glass jars around the house than the ones shown below. Since they are transparent, you can easily store and show your favourite things.


I quite like the plain shiny glass but… to make your home, party, wedding  or special occasion decor even prettier, there are plenty of options to work with in order to make that glass jar or bottle unique.


DIY, then!

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