Gazpacho, cold tomato soup

This recipe basically means SUMMER to me and it’s my favourite dish in the world. It’s simple, healthy and it just tastes amazing.


gazpacho en


Put all the ingredients in the blender and that’s it, really. Add salt to taste. Use as much water as you think it needs, it shouldn’t be too thick. Ideally, you should use a strainer to make it a smooth soup or you can also have it like that, if you don’t mind the seeds.

Serve it 

It usually tastes better the following day, when it’s been in the fridge for some hours and all the flavours have mixed, but I can’t help drinking it straightaway.

Have it with croutons, bread sticks or bread on the side. Those fresh flavours are a boost for your brain!

gazpacho para beber

Enjoy it!

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